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Binder and girly things for sale

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Binder and girly things for sale

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<3 Knives
I have a small binder for sale/trade. I am a 36B chest size and it is just a smidge too tight for me. It makes me AMAZINGLY flat chested but I am kind of a wimp and don't use it too much. I would prefer to let you wash it in your preferred method but I can hand wash it if you like before sending it out. I don't know what to ask for it but was hoping for $50 shipped in US

I promise i have no yucky germs, I just got tested for TB and all kinds of diseases to work at a hospital (YAY!) and they cleared me! :D I hope the price is not too greedy, they are a bit pricy but I'm open for offers too! Aside from too tight, the fabric is nice and breathes well. The company seems to use really nice material on all products.



I have hose, fishnets, and some sexy lingerie for a smaller framed person. I'm about 36 chest and 34 hips. Most of them are lace babydolls or thigh high hose and a pretty, not very supportive bra or two. None of it worn more than two-three times and I'm happy to wash again before sending to you, though I always recommend washing used clothing.

I'd like about $25 for a shoebox of cute girly things and I will happily take pics for anyone interested. I'm kind of embarrassed to post it all here because it always felt weird wearing it and I want them to go to a good home and be appreciated. Pretty much everything in the box is worth $15 or more new and aside from a snag or two in hose, like-new condition.

All money goes to my transition bank account, let me know if you have things for swapping as well, I love trades but have a hard time finding clothes to fit my short torso and long legs!
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