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Gender Swap Shop

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This is a community to enable Trans folk to exchange gendered items no longer required for those that are wanted such as clothing, shoes, scents, jewellery and accessories. It's also for exchanging other items, such as binders, breast forms, etc as well as books, videos/dvds and the like. If it's Trans related in some way, then you can get rid of it in here!

The whole point of this community is to help each other, especially as buying new clothes, shoes, etc. is expensive. Everyone likes freebies but if you want to charge for your items, then that's fine too. Indicate what you are willing to accept or what you are charging clearly in your post, including your requirements regarding payment and postage. Please be aware that this is an international community so mention where you are and remember that sizes vary from country to country.

1. This is an international community, so please include your location in your posts as well as saying where you are willing to send your item(s).

2. Put photos behind a cut.

3. If your item(s) have been claimed, please edit your post to say so. That helps everyone and stops you getting comments weeks down the line asking if your item is still available.

4. Please feel free to utilise the tags that have been set up on your posts.

5. Don't pimp other communities or selling journals in here, there are plenty of other places for that. However, please pimp this community to others; the more people here, the better it is for you!

6. Be careful and use your own judgement when giving out personal information such as addresses or other contact details.

This community is moderated by ganimede. Should you have any problems or queries or need me for any modly purposes, you should be able to get me on AIM/Yahoo/MSN/GTalk/etc. - all messenger details are available on my profile. If I'm not on IM, then please e-mail me at ganimede @ livejournal.com or send an LJ message.